Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hi...sorry I was absent yesterday...I er, missed the bus! Lol.  Are you all ok?

Well, today's card is very simple and quick to make.  I've been working on some cards which are still pretty but that won't break the bank so that kids can afford them for Mummy and Daddy.  This is one such card.

The printing on this is very pale pink so is difficult to see in a photo, but it is a lovely floral design from
CuddlyBuddly.  I have done this card in my Silhouette, but there is no reason at all why you can't do it using cutting dies or even by hand (with a plain aperture and the help of fancy edged scissors).

The card is 250gsm Supersmooth so couldn't take much embellishment, but I have some 300gsm which is supposed to be as good as Supersmooth on the way, so watch this space!  I hate floppy cards, lol.

I started by designing the shape in the Silhouette Software and then dragged a paper in which snapped to shape and it prints on the back and the front.  With the insert I cut it to the same shape but made it larger as I don't like to see all the white through the aperture.  The poem is from
which is a handy little site.

Once it was cut out and folded I just had to stick in the insert and embellished with a couple of my mulberry flowers, some silver mirror card flourishes (thanks Cuttlebug) and a few faux pearls in the corner.  I then glittered the text of the verse.

So a nice easy little card for the kids to buy for Mum but still very pretty and handcrafted.  I think I'll be designing a lot of these little cards as they're so sweet and the options for them are almost endless.  It's a fab way of keeping the price down, as we all know how much time goes into making cards, let alone the price of the materials.

Hope you like this one.


  1. Hi Lexie, this is a very pretty card and so sweet of you to consider little pockets. I will be having a look at the site for verses.

  2. Hi Apples! I've joined your blog as a follower but I can't find the mince pies anywhere! Lol.

    Glad you like this card. It's so pretty but so simple.

  3. Beautiful card Lexie and I too will have to look at that site for verses.

    Love the new look to your blog and glad you got it sorted.

    Linda xxx

  4. Hi Linda,

    it's a great little site and they seem to have verses for most occasions.

    I'm loving the new look blog as well. I'm so chuffed with myself that I've finally managed to do it, lol. Piece of cake in the end. :oD