Lacy Die Easel Tutorial

 Hi everyone.

People keep asking me how I make my lacy easel cards using dies so I thought I would do a little tutorial for you to show how easy it is so you can all have a go.

Please do NOT copy this tutorial and post it elsewhere.  However, feel free to post the link elsewhere if you like so that people can come here to see it.  Thank you.

Step 1.  Firstly, you need to decide which way you want to create the easel...either horizontally or vertically.  I wanted mine to be vertical so I've measured the length (not the width) of the die then cut out a piece of 250 gsm card twice the length of the die.

 Step 2.  Now I've scored and creased directly down the centre of my card which you can't really see in this picture....but take my word for it! 
 Step 3.  I'm using an Ebosser for this as it makes life a lot easier, especially when you're doing something this intricate.  You can do this in any other cutting machine which takes the dies you are using BUT it's a lot harder and you need to run it through a lot more times to ensure it's fully cut through both layers.

As you can see, I've laid the die face up on the mat then positioned the card over the top with a small amount of the die poking out.  Make sure that you put the FOLDED edge at this end otherwise you will just get two separate cut shapes.

Make sure the card is positioned straight across the die with the cutting ridges of the die slightly over the edge then tape firmly in place with low tack tape.
 Step 4.  I have ran the sandwich twice through the ebosser in the starter position on the mat to make sure that the die's well gripped, then moved it around the mat slightly and changed the angle it's at then run it through again.  I did this twice more in different positions to make sure it was fully cut through both layers all around the die...apart from the folded edge, of course.  With other die cutters you will have to run them through quite a few more times for the more intricate dies like this one...
 Step 5.  Once you're sure that it's fully cut through both layers, you can remove it from the machine and this is what you have.  The folded edge was away from the cutting blades so hasn't been cut through.  Yay!
 Step 6.  Use your poky tool to very carefully poke through as many holes as you need to (most of them on a die like this) to loosen the card from the die then very carefully tease it from the die.  Then you can poke the remaining bits of card out.
 Step 7.  Carefully (making sure you don't tear it as the card is much weaker now) prise apart the two layers leaving the join in the centre so you will be left with this:
 Step 8.  As two layers have gone through at once, you will have one lovely embossed side and one not so attractive side.  The latter is the side you're going to score and fold across the centre.   Make sure that the card is in the correct position for scoring then score gently for the centre fold.
 Step 9.  And this is what you're left with. 
 Step 10.  Now cut out a single layer of card using the same die.
 Step 11.  Put glue on the half of the easel base where you're going to attach the single layer die cut shape...
 Step 12.  And place the single layer into position making sure it lines up perfectly with the pattern on the base.  And have a beautiful easel base which is ready to decorate as you like.

 And here's the finished card:

 You can do all sorts of shapes in the same way...and less intricate ones as well.  They really do make fabulous easel bases so have a go and see how much fun they are and how pretty they are.

Take care & happy crafting!


  1. thats lovely thanks for that Lexie xxx

  2. Great Tutorial Lexie
    I make mine whole with the lovely lacey edges by cutting the straight ovals and making into an easel and then adding the 2 lacey ovals to the easel part but great to see an adaptation of it
    Hugs Julie x

  3. A super tutorial Lexie, thanks. That's such a pretty die and makes a gorgeous card x

  4. Fab tutorial, Lexie! Will have to try this out sometime soon .... of course, I'll have to purchase that gorgeous die too LOL.
    Thanks for sharing :)