Open Book Card Tutorial.

Hi Folks,

finally got around to doing another tutorial for you.

Ok...there are a number of ways of making open book cards.  You can buy dies to cut them, like Go Kreate's Bookish dies.  I have these but don't like using them as they don't give me the control I like to have over size, etc.  I also used to make them with templates which I had made.  Problem there was wasting ink and lack of being able to adjust sizes to suit myself.  I tend to like smaller cards but want to be able to choose for myself, so now I do it digitally.

When I used MCS software I made myself some overlays and brought them in over the top of the backing papers so that only the page shapes showed (the overlays acted as a punch, without the punching, lol).

But now I use CA2 and life's so much easier as you're able to make your own punches!  Woohoo!

So, to make a digi punch you need a book shape.  I use the one from My Craft Studios Nesties CD and fiddle around adjusting the sizes for the layers so I'm happy with them.

So...first job is to design the card in my CA2 software, and I've used Crafter's Companion's Morehead CD for this one:

 I've selected the papers I wanted to use, brought them onto my CA2 workspace then used the digi punches (make your own from MCS Nesties CD or some image from the Net), then punched out the shapes.  I prefer to use 3 layers...the largest and smallest sizes in one paper and the middle paper in a contrasting one.  And I've also made a little ribbon out of the middle page paper to run down the centre of the card.

For the topper shapes, I've just punched out an extra paper then used another punch (square) lined it up down the centre and punched away one side and got rid of it.  Then I've turned that half page into 2 digi as it is and then copied and pasted it then flipped the second one so it's facing the other way...then turn both into digi punches.

Use these digi punches to punch out your chosen topper.

For the sentiment I like to use the same image reversed and faded by changing the opacity, but you have to be careful and check out the Fair Usage policy for the company who made the toppers you're using.  Some will allow you to do this while others won't.  I don't think that Crafter's Companion allow that, so I've played safe and just colour picked the background colour (a very pale cream) and then put the sentiment text over that base colour.

Because the background colour for the toppers is pale, I've punched out some more of the half page shapes in pink and just made them slightly larger than the toppers to frame them and they've been printed flat.  This is just to make them stand out a little more and to fit in with the backing papers more easily.  I sometimes do this for all the pages...depends on how I feel at the time and whether I think it will improve the card.

Then I print it out.  As you can see, my card's a little one (aawwww, bless) so it's only used about 1 1/2 sheets.  I was going to use my Cameo for cutting the flowers (hence the reg mark) but decided not to bother in the end.  I printed it onto Canvas Paper (also love using photo paper for these cards) and it's lovely to cut so it's very easy to cut by hand.
 At this point, I grab a coffee and go and plonk myself on the sofa and watch TV (Scooby Doo was on when I did this one...I'm sure it helped!) while I cut all the elements out.  This is such a fab card to make.  It's so easy to print a load off and just sit and cut them in the evening while Corrie's on.

Anyway...this is what you end up with:
 Next job, if you choose to, is to run very thin peel off borders around the edges of the layers.  This is about the only time you'll catch me using peel offs!  Lol.  But they do add to these cards.  As the papers are pink and lilac, I've used silver peel offs for this one.
 Once that's done, you just lightly score down the centre (spine) of each of the three pages so you can bend them a little as you would a book, and then curve the pages slightly.  I use the edge of my desk to do this. 
 Then it's just assembling the card.  It starts like the one above (the one in this photo hasn't been glued yet).  I like to use Pinflair Glue Gel as it gives you lots of time to move things around and set them out properly.  I used to use foam pads which were great but you had no leeway really (even with a dab of glue as well) to get it just right.  So glue gel's best...down the centre (spine of the book) and down each of the short sides.  So that's just on the middle and top layers of the pages.  Then add the topper and sentiment pages in the same way with glue gel down each of the long sides this time.

It's up to you how deep you want to make the gel and how curved you want the pages to be.  I prefer just a gentle curve.

Then just finish off by adding the embellishments of your choice.  These are from the Morehead CD, but you can use real bows or ribbon, pearls, gems, roses, die cut shapes...anything you fancy.

So there you to make gorgeous Open Book Cards.  They look absolutely stunning when presented in a matching box and wrapped in tissue paper.  They're real keepers...a gift as much as a card...and they feel fab when you hold them in your hands too.  Just like a little book.

They can be personalised as much as you like by adding wedding dates and the names of the newly weds...or babies names and birthdates...anything you like.  You can even use photos as the topper.  The sky's the limit with these cards. 

So go give it a try!  I love making these cards.

Hope the tutorial is ok?  I'm not great at proof reading my own typing and my brain works a lot faster than my fingers so I quite often type a whole load of rubbish, so if there are any bits which aren't clear enough, please give me a shout so that I can sort it out.

Have fun and happy crafting!

PS.  Just want to add here that some companies won't let you take their artwork into other programmes.  Docrafts, for instance, are very adamant that you mustn't do it.  You can still do open book cards with their CDs but you would need to create templates and then do the designing in the Digital Designer software and then use the templates to do the cutting out, so it can still be done.


  1. Thats a great tutorial Lexie. Very clear and easy for me to follow. Thanks for taking the time to write it up for us.

    Carrie xx

    1. Glad it's ok Carrie. Give me a shout if something doesn't work out quite know where I am! :oD

  2. Really well written and should be easy to follow, love the pic's to go with it.

  3. Thank you so much Lexie for doing this for us,even I an oldie can follow your tutorial,well done,will sure to be giving it ago, hope you are both well!! crafty hugs Autumn xx

  4. Brilliant Lexie. Thank you so much for this. Linda x

  5. I will give this a try, thanks for the tutorial Lexie.

  6. Thats brilliant, i got the boards for those suppose i should be using them only tried once and are stored up corner xx

  7. This is beautiful Lexie, a great tutorial and lovely layout and steps, thank you for sharing xx
    Hugs xx

  8. Fabulous Lexie. I will be trying this card.
    Kay XX