Saturday, 31 December 2011

Wow!  It's New Year's Eve!  I can't believe how quickly 2011 has flown by.  I hope you all have a lovely evening and don't suffer too much for it in the morning.

Right, I've had a little play today and decided to use my favourite shape but in a different orientation, so I've made an easel card with a's portrait!  A first for me (but not everyone else!) and I'm loving the shape a lot.  I've also had a break from cute and gone for floral this time instead.  Quite an elegant card for me, I think.

I used Supersmooth card for the base and cut it using a Penny Duncan Shaplies die but you can do it just as easily with Spellbinders.  I've used silver mirror card cut to the same size as the base to add style and strength to the card base and to frame the image and sentiment, and then used papers from My Craft Studio's fabulous new Floriography CD.  If you don't have it yet, then you NEED it!  It's absolutely beautiful and very, VERY useful.  I wanted to go for elegance today (I don't actually do elegant in real life but I can in crafting!  Lol) so selected a subtly coloured patterned backing paper and one of the toppers from the Floriography CD.  It's cool as the topper was the right shape.  When I first cut it, though, the font was teeny weeny so I redid it using the text free copy of the same image and typed it in myself and made it larger.  I created the sentiment stopper by using a tiny piece of the backing paper and then typing in the text over the top.  To embellish I have just added some faux pearls.  I did try various bows but it just didn't look right...maybe I'll tuck in a little feather somewhere later on, but I quite like it as it is.  The backing paper's muted but busy so it really doesn't need too much.  Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop, though...

Anyway,  have a fabulous evening and stay safe!


  1. Beautiful Hun, Floriography is such an easy disk to work with. Hold on did I say easy? Didnt mean that!! I meant to say that there are so many stunning designs, all of which scream to be used immediately, that choosing one to work with is not Easy, its just the opposite, I think I have spent more time looking at the contents of this than I have with doing anything at all!
    And guess whos going to play for real at Lindas soon? yep!! ME!!! I can do a proper raid!!!

    Have a safe and happy year hun, xx

  2. I told you it was fab, didn't I? Lol. I can't leave it alone. The possibilities are endless...and just look at all the foiling you could use it for! This one is a must have for everybody.

    Shall have to make sure I raid Linda again before you get there! Mwahahaha.

  3. Oops...meant to say that I hope 2012 is an easier year for you, Lou, and that you get masses of crafting done.