Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My New Credroom and Marker Storage.

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all okay and that you've been busy in my long absence.  I'm so excited to be getting back into crafting after a bit of a break, and actually made a card today, but I'm not blogging it until I've given it to the recipient.

However, for those of you who follow me on FB you may have seen that I've mentioned my new craftroom which has a bit of a twist ... in that it's a credroom! :o)  My little Hobbit Hole (flat built into a hill) is absolutely tiny. My bedroom is the biggest of the two and it only measures 8 foot 4 by just under 9 foot 6. How I had it before was with my 4 foot wide bed, a huge (for the space) 5 foot by 3 foot craft table, a tall bookcase, a chest of drawers, and lots of little plastic storage towers. I could hardly move. Is it any wonder that I needed a break from crafting ... especially as everything ended up piled on the craft table as I had no room for it. :o)

Anyhoo ... I got into spring cleaning just after Christmas, and took things a bit further. I hadn't planned on a new 'credroom,' but it happened and I'm so glad it did as I flipping well love it. I can lie in my new single (it's making a statement!) bed, with my craft units one side and desk the other side. It's not quite finished as I have my eye on some really gorgeous vintage boxes, so will be replacing the other patterened boxes in the photos when I can. I also need to sort out some better storage for my cutting dies (in patterened boxes at the mo), but have a few ideas, but not decided which to go for yet. Watch this space.

I have, however, sorted out new storage for my beloved promarkers ... well, a full set and a few others as well, as I have more than 2 sets in case I run out, lol. Before I get into that, I'll show you my lovely credroom. Still need to pretty it a bit more, and need some pics up, but I'm so loving it!!!!

Ta-da!!!  My credroom!

 I can lie in bed, reach out, and stroke my crafty stash! How fab is that?
It's a new metal frame bed with big storage boxes underneath.
 My new units. They're a set of 3 base units with 3 small units to match on top. Those plastic boxes which are sticking out will not be there for long.
 This is my new desk. It's 4 foot by 2 foot, but there's a rad behind it, so it can't go back fully. I have placed a piece of veneered chipboard along the back to cover the hole so I can stand things on there. 
The books are part of my collection which were in my big bookcase which has now gone. Need to find somewhere else for them.
 I bought these large jars a while ago and the small ones recently ... they're both from Tesco. I'm keeping buttons, beads and candi in the small ones so I can see exactly what I have got, and some of my mulberry flowers are in the larger ones ... mainly to look pretty, but be functional as well. 
There's room in the cupboards for things like my Silhouette Cameo, which will keep the dust of it as it's so rarely used. :o)
These aren't new, but I have kept them because they are brilliant for storing my distress ink pads and accessories in. I have different colour families in each drawer. 

Yay! I finally have a room that I can not only move in, but can also sleep comfortably in AND craft in ... and just make it look pretty. :o) So chuffed with the results. 

And in one of the pics you'll have spotted my new marker storage. 
I did buy a big Artbin double deep satchel from Hobbycraft, and was going to spend £40 on buying the marker trays, but thought that was a crazy thing to do, especially as the Artbin is pretty flimsy. So I had a look at the Really Useful Bin site, worked out what size I would need, and ordered an 18 litre one from Ebay for £12.95 plus free p&p
I also bought a piece of 
from Ebay for £7.70 plus free p&p. 

That gave me enough of the filter stuff to cut in half with a saw, trimmed it up to fit (I need to tidy mine as I was in a rush to get it all fixed up), and mine fits just right so it's tight so I don't need any glue. There are two layers so with the holes lined up so that the pens don't move around.
 As you can see, this will hold all sorts of pens, including my lovely Promarkers (still room for the Limited Edition ones I'm missing!), Graph Its, and various Copics. Most of my Promarkers have the extra fine nibs added, and there's around 1 cm clearance with the lid on. They stand up very securely either with the lid on or off, and can stand on the side as well. Perfect solution to have the best of both worlds ... up on your desk and not taking much room up, or on the sofa beside you. These boxes are very very strong, and it will be perfect for me to take my PMs on holibobs with me. :o)

So there you are ... the ultimate way to store your pens and keep them in order. They just slot in and out without any problems at all. Yay! And I've used the Artbin box I bought to keep my papers in, so they have a nice home as well.

Right ... I will be blogging a couple of cards in the next few days ... then I need to find time for more crafting, more blogging, and more credroom storage solutions. 

Hope you like my credroom. I'm so flipping chuffed with it. :o) 

Take care and Happy Crafting!


  1. Love the room. I need you to sort mine out!! The storage for the oens is a clever idea and so practical. Bet you need a lie down now!

  2. That is a lovely room Alyx - I wish you many happy hours of crafting in it. (I love my craftroom too!) xxx :)

  3. Hi Alyx it looks great beautiful bedroom and craft room

    gr karin

  4. Lovely room Alyx and the Pmstorage is really clever. Looking forward to seeing more x

  5. It looks great, very clever pen storage too. Hope you can get lots of crafting done now.

    A xx

  6. Love your cried room it looks fabulous. Brilliant idea for the pen storage too. Lovely to see you blogging again.
    Hugs to you both
    Linda xxx

  7. Your room looks lovely and love the Promarker storage! Clever idea! x

  8. Wow that is fabulous ALYX love how you have organised it all. You are going to love crafting in there. Hugs xxx

  9. Your credroom looks fabulous Alyx. You can craft in your sleep now. Nice pen storage too. When is the grand opening so we can all come down and play? xx

    1. You and PTT are more than welcome any time. Any more than that and we might be a bit squashed. :o)

  10. Fabulous credroom so neat and tidy. Love the Promarker storage. Hugs Jeanette xx

  11. Brilliant and love the new blog header. I seem to have been removed from your followers so soon remedied that, grrrrrr Blogger. Please check you are following me, would love to see you and I have some candy on offer. Brill storage solution too for your markers x

  12. Fabulous room. Looks great and very organised x

  13. Hi hun, your new crafty area looks amazing, I especially love your pen storage, the units look fab too and it's all so organised and tidy, me thinks you're a little OCD like me when it comes to everything having it's own place. I like to try to keep my crafty area as tidy as I can because it's quite small and it doesn't take much for it to look an absolute mess lol. Huge Hugz, Lorraine xx

    1. Thanks, Sweetie. I actually took inspiration from your gorgeous little craft area. It's so perfect and beautiful ... not sure I'll be able to live up to your standards, though. :o) There's a shop in town which sells a variety of absolutely stunning boxes in vintage patterns, so I'm saving up for some. As it's my bedroom too, and I've never had a really nice bedroom, I'm trying to make it as pretty as I can as well as useful. :o)