Monday, 1 July 2013

People in Glass Houses... Updated 4 July 2013.

Hi Folks! 

I'm going to keep this short, although there is a heck of a lot I'd like to say.  :o)

I'm sure that many of you will have read or heard of the rumours and allegations circulating about a number of artists in recent days. I've always supported Stamp Out before, but now my support is well and truly withdrawn as this is nothing more than a foundationless Witch Hunt.  The accused artists are not being given a right to reply and are having their reputations trashed by two people who have no idea of the facts and no right to libel them in this way.  Even murderers get their day in court before receiving their punishment and they get a second chance too (unless they get the death penalty)!  Artists are being hung, drawn and quartered without trial and by people not qualified and with no authority to do so. 

Also...people in glass houses should NOT throw stones. Both these images are very similar to some of  the work produced by the two people doing the accusing.

I'm sure that I could find a lot more similar characters if I had time to waste.  I'm NOT making any accusations here, but I AM making a point.  Easy to think someone might be copying, isn't it, especially when you're determined to see it that way?  Truth is EVERYTHING has been done before.  Nothing is original now and that's a well known fact!

Generally an artist will know what they want in their head but maybe not know enough about the subject so will seek a reference image to help guide them.  There would probably only be a number of suitable images of help to them on the Net, so if several artists wanted to follow the same idea, then there are times when paths will be crossed and they will end up taking inspiration from the same image.  But then they make it their own.  For instance:


At least two artists I know of have clearly used this image (or very similar) for inspiration.  They've seen it and liked it and drawn it.  I don't believe for one minute that they've copied each other, though they are being accused of doing so by certain people.

And then there's this image:
Once again, several digis very similar are out there, again with howls of  'you've copied her!'  How damned pathetic!  Look:
There are loads of pictures all over the world in this sort of pose.  NO ONE owns a pose.  NO ONE can prevent anyone using a pose.  A karate outfit is a karate outfit.  A pose is a pose.  It's the character that matters.

Just saying!!!!

Take care everyone.
Happy crafting!

PS Here is a link to a blog post by someone who is very angry about what these people are doing...persecuting DT members as well.  And yep...I'm on the Naughty list but that's nothing new for me and I don't wish to associate with anyone involved with this Witch Hunt anyway! 

PPS  Sherri Baldy is a different matter altogether, by the way!  

Some interesting comments if you'd like to have a little lookie.xx


  1. Well said hun. I too have withdrawn my support for Stamp it out. Not too long ago one of the artists was accused of copying the others work, and now they seem to be best friends. If you look at anything now-a-days there is a huge similarity between things, cars, bikes, clothes, furniture, yet you dont see the manufacturers trashing each others reputations because of it.
    Yes I agree there have been instances in the past, however to tar everyone except themselves with that brush is unreasonable, high handed and untrue.
    I appreciate that this is their living, and that they are trying to protect it, but that doesnt mean that they are the only ones who are allowed to produce work in a particular style. Re-vamping someone's work, yes I agree they should be named and shamed, but original work in a particular style should not be penalised.
    However for me the point is moot, as I am not a fan of either of them, and never have been, I prefer proper artwork by Artists such as Heather and Morgan who can draw and paint. I'm afraid cutsie doesnt really do it for me, xxx

  2. Never supported Stamp it Out! I too could say a lot more but won't even waste my breath!

    Linda xxx

  3. Well that sure is food for thought right there Lexie!! Thanks for that.. :)

  4. You can't say "Sherri Baldy is another matter altogether" and expect to be taken seriously. :)

    All of us who have internet based businesses (or who have internet based fans) live in "glass houses" That's why it's important to keep the windows clean.

    Look -- I know you're a HV fan -- that's FINE. I think Heather regrets some of the stuff she's done in the past while under SB's thumb, and has moved more toward her own original characters -- which is great and I commend her for it. As she is aware, I am even in her "camp" with respect to the Ella/Pickles controversy.

    I also have no problem with you posting my pics alongside similar ones, as long as we are allowed to discuss . . . as you would also be allowed to bring them into the Stamp Out group to discuss freely.

    I believe you're talking about Saturated Canary re the Monster High image. If you put a side by side of any of Krista's illustrations with these, an Art Director would probably say both were "influenced" by Manga style comics. (So were the Bratz dolls.) Being influenced is okay -- tracing and trying to recreate as one company is doing to SC (we have shown some of the overlays on SOST) is not okay.

    Re the ladies on the beach -- they are the same theme -- A "cute" chubby woman at the beach. -- That's what goes into my head before I start drawing. I don't look at any pictures at ALL when I draw. (Unless I draw something a car or a wheelchair -- I always need to look at reference when I draw those!)

    The mouse in the teacup -- That is a much CLOSER example. I was aware of the penny black stamp in the middle -- someone showed me that a couple years ago and thought PB was copying me. I did not agree, I think that's a pretty iconic idea (and that is born out by there being a THIRD Christmas mouse in a teacup. My particular mouse was drawn 22 years ago for my very first book. He shows up on the front cover in color, and this black and white version is on the title page.

    If you have any questions, please ask!


    (and a better shot of the cover here):

  5. Thanks for the comment Mo.

    Think everyone knows Sherri Baldy IS a different story for the very reasons you've given above and more! But this isn't about her. I just added that to show that I'm well aware that deliberate copying does go on.

    The point to my post wasn't to accuse you or Krista of copying. It was to show that every single picture has already been done, just the same as every single story has already been told. I think that most people realise that and accept that nothing is new anymore. It also demonstrates very clearly that when people use images as reference (and I'm glad you admit that you do that as well) in some cases people are going to use the same image. Or they may see an image in a magazine or on TV and it sticks in their minds. When several people do that, then you're going to get very similar digis. I don't believe that in those cases anyone is copying anyone else and it's wrong to accuse them of doing so unless you're going to put your money where your mouth is and take them to court. At least that way they get a fair trial rather than a public lynching, which is what's going on.

    Yes, I'm a friend of Heather and I work with her, BUT that has no bearing on my post. I would still have done it anyway as I have a very strong sense of what's right and wrong and I believe it's very wrong to hide in a private group (which isn't all that private as most of the craft world knows what's going on in there!) and hang, draw and quarter artists and companies when you don't actually have the right to do this. You and Krista are as guilty of seeking inspiration elsewhere and yes, sometimes that inspiration is very close to what you come up with. Same with all the artists and companies you are accusing and blacklisting!

    (please see next post)

    1. (cont)
      You're going too far. You're causing so much damage to the digi world, though you probably can't see that. Most crafters are honest, law abiding people. They trust that when they buy something that it's legit. However, now they don't have a clue who's legit and who's not because you've decided that some artists/companies are naughty but that is ONLY your opinion. Nothing more.

      Thank you for the invitation to your group. I'm sure it's a blast, but I prefer to be open and above board and I refuse to hide in a private group slating other artists and companies. It looks like you have something to hide. It shows me that you know that what you're doing is wrong. And you're not in any position to do this. You're just an artist yourself...not a Judge and executioner. It's a witch hunt and it's losing you a heck of a lot of respect and support.

      You started this to cut out the theft of digis by people posting unwatermarked digis on Pinterest and facebook. That was a great thing to do and you had my wholehearted support. I'd always thought Stamp Out was a great idea, though you haven't seemed very active for a long time until recently. But now the reputation of Stamp Out has been tarnished. I won't be supporting it anymore and I know plenty of other people who have said the same.

      You've gone too far. No one likes witch hunts and that's all this is. I thought we'd moved on from the time when Ug whacked Og over the head with his club for painting an auroch on his cave wall which looked just like Ugs. I thought we were civilised. And I thought the craft world was supposed to be a fun place to be, but dig around a little and it's pretty nasty really. So thanks, but I won't come to your party.

      Hope you end this's gone too far. There are proper channels to use and you should use them rather than libeling people as you are doing.

      Thing is, I already know of plenty of people who have said that they will no longer purchase your images or Krista's over this. So you're damaging yourselves as well. Give it up and get back to doing what this should be about...stamp theft!

      That is all I have to say on the subject. I have made my point and I will not be drawn into a row.

      Thanks for reading.

      'Happy to be on the Naughty List' Lexie


    2. Well, I'm bored so I'm going to add some more after all! :oD

      I'm trained as a hypnotherapist. One of the things I learned during my training (and it's true) is that our brains are the most powerful computers out there. From the day we are born they store a memory of every single thing we see, hear, smell, feel, etc. And when we think of something and see an image in our mind's eye THAT is a memory. So when you see things in your head THAT is a memory of an image you have seen before. We don't realise that all this information is being stored in our heads, but it is, and all it needs is one little thing to trigger our 'search engine' to locate the information we need. Half the time it's not 'imagination' but 'memory.' So even if you don't look at a picture as reference you ARE using your memory as reference...same thing really.

      Also, at the grand old age of 21 after decades of not being able to draw anything but a horse's head if it's facing to the left (and that not for years!) or matchstick men, I've discovered that I can draw a little, so I'm teaching myself (and my son's learning alongside of me) how to draw things. And I'm actually drawing things far better than I ever thought possible as I believed I was completely talentless in the art dept. However, I've discovered I can draw dinosaurs. Right now I'm at the stage where I have to use How To Draw books as reference but I was hoping I would get to the stage where I could soon draw willy nilly. But now I'm thinking 'what's the point?' I have a character's name on my mind...a really lovely name, but I've been lying awake at nights trying to think of something original that I've not seen in digis before. All I can come up with is a ruddy slug! All this rubbish is putting me off going for it. I've spoken to a few young artists recently and all this stuff is making them think of calling it a day as well. And that's a crying shame. Why should peoples' dreams be crushed by a few people causing all this upheaval? Is it worth any of us bothering? And where would that leave the craft world with no up and coming artists? I don't label myself as an artist and never would as my ability would always be very limited as I don't have any natural talent, but what about people who do?

      All this is so pathetic.'s beyond that.

      Just give it a rest everyone and get back to having's too short for all this stress.

  6. Had a facebook message this morning. It refers to the fact that Mo and her followers are denying that there was ever mention of a blacklist. I believe that these are comments on the private group. I know mention of blacklists were mentioned as a number of people have told me. Here's what I have been sent:

    "I'm getting more and more furious about some stuff. Maurie Manning isn't superior in this business, and she can't try to brainwash people who will have a different opinion.

    There wasn't a blacklist? From Mo's keyboard:

    Ok so this is what Mo wrote in a reply

    I have NEVER (and I have never heard another SO member) use the word Blacklist except to deny there was one. We have said over and over when asked by crafters to do so that SO would NOT tell them who to buy from, or who to DT for. That it was strictly their own choice.

    Ummm with a bit of reading I found this

    Yes, It would be blacklisted by the Stamp Out Artists for promoting a company that was copying one of our artists.

    than she adds:

    One more thing -- I would say we are "boycotting" instead of "blacklisting"

    So get of your fricking high horse and just admit you also are WRONG!!

    And to be GUTTED that Tiddly Inks and Louby Lou left that group because of this shite, and don't want to be part of doing the Mo dance. What about the artists and crafters Mo Manning accused of being "stupid, copycat amateurs"?!! They are NOT allowed to be gutted?!!

    This is a sick game you're playing."

    So that looks like a definite mention of blacklisting to me. Seems like a hell of a lot of lies and backtracking going on...

  7. It's very quiet. Was it something I said? Lol.

  8. Well...after a long time of silence (not sure if you're all agreeing with what I've said or not, lol - though from what I've been told in private I'm taking it that a lot of people are thinking the same)I have received another comment. I'm copying and pasting it here as I want the comment seen but I don't want the author of the comment picked on and I'm unsure if she intended me to publish it or not as I think she came from the 'I'm a Muppet!' post, and I'm NOT publishing those comments. Anyway, here's what she says in response to my "bizarre Lexie rant" (Mo Mannings description of my post).xx


    Wow. I was happy to see that I'm not the only one who thinks Stamp Out is less than helpful... I don't like bullies, period the end. I think it's total bullshit that it's OK for one person to "draw inspiration" but not for others - and that once they (Stamp Out) have decided you're a thief, well that's it and you must be a thief. Ridiculous. I used to be a fan of theirs based on the idea of protecting artists. It didn't take me long to realize they don't really do that, after all.