Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Congratulations to the Kraftyhands Boys!


The other day Mike and Ian from Kraftyhands thought they had one hour long show.  Then they found out that they had an extra hour...and on the day they were given ANOTHER hour!  Well done to both of you (and Linda!).  You did a fabulous job and hid your nerves well.

I did email in (twice) but both my mails ended in the bin, though I was good...honest!!! 

So huge hugs all round for Team Kraftyhands!


  1. Managed to catch about five minutes of the first show this morning but have been doing a bit of a 'blog hop' round the DT - loving all the samples - so will catch up on the 'app' later.... promise!

    Well done Lexie, great cards!

    Su (Soop)

  2. Just popped by to say thank you for your fabulous samples. The team at C & C were blown away by the dt samples and Mike and Ian were so very proud.

    Big Hugs to you both
    Linda xxx

  3. Managed to see the first two shows, they were fab, loving those bows. Can't believe you were good though

    Andrea xx