Thursday, 12 April 2012

Quintessentials Owl.

Hi Folks,

hope you're all ok?

I've been playing with the Quintessential Country Gardens cd again and have come up with this very simple card featuring the rather gorgeous owl which is on the disc.  To make this card I have used one of the element sheets from the cd and colour picked for the matting colour.  The flowers have been cut from the same backing paper.  Very simple to do, but also very pretty because of the fabulous artwork.  I absolutely adore the gentle colours in this - hope you like it too?


  1. Oh Gosh Lexie, I am in LOVE!!!! This has got to be one of my favourites, I just love the owl and your card as always is stunning. Love those flowers too.

    Linda xxx

  2. Gorgeous delicate colouring. Love the card.
    Quiltingloulou. xx

  3. I'm loving these posts. The artwork is beautiful and your cards are all superb x