Friday, 13 April 2012

Another Quintessential Card!

Hi Folks!

Hope you're all ok? 

Sorry...I'm still playing away with my Quintessential Country Garden CD as it's so packed with the most incredible artwork that I NEED to use it all the time.  This one, though, is a very quick and simple one and so pretty because of the gorgeous papers.

I was tempted to make this into another easel but decided to keep it simple to keep the price down for sales.  I just love the shape of this!  Thanks My Craft really are the best!  It's simple to cut out by hand or you can use your cutting machines if you have one.  I've decorated the inside to match the front but left off the sentiment so that whoever sends it can add their own message.

The paper and topper are so pretty that I've kept the embellishments to a minimum with just a tiny bow and some faux pearls.  Again, I was tempted to go much further but I can't always do what I want, can I?  Actually...why can't I?  Lol.  I'll do this card again another day but turn it into an easel and really go all out with the embellies, I think.  It will be interesting to make the comparison. to make some more cards!
Take care everyone.


  1. Lovely card Lexie , i think these cds are the best by far , i love them .....

    Sue xx

  2. Another card... another 'WOW'! I've still not had time to play with my discs yet - boo hoo!

    Soop (Su) xx

  3. This is gorgeous Lexie! Love the design. My plans for today have gone awol and mojo too. So I am going to download my programme and disc and have a play with it.

    Linda xxx

  4. Beautiful card. Very pretty.