Monday, 19 March 2012

Joanna Sheen Donkey Card.

Hi everyone!

Well...still having laptop problems and will not be buying from Dell again.  I have a replacement for my brand new one on its way, so I'll have to set that all up (that'll take days with all my craft stuff, lol) and keep my fingers crossed that it will be ok.  It's not been much fun, and I did have to really push Dell into giving me a replacement, so I'm not impressed.  Anyway...with luck all those problems will be sorted.

And in 'other ways' things are being sorted and we'll be making some massive changes in the coming months which both me and my little boy are really looking forward to. what this blog's all!

I have done a few cards today, but I want to blog about a card I made for one of my best friends from her daughter for Mother's Day.  So here it is:

 Aaaawwww!  It's some gorgeous donkeys from the Joanna Sheen Nostalgia CDs.  I absolutely adore these CDs as they are so 'me.'  And this card is so 'Sue' (my friend), lol. 

I've used my Martha Stewart Punches technique (see tutorial page) to make the lacy edged easel card base, and used papers and image from the Joanna Sheen CD...and colour picked from the image to make sure the matting layers match perfectly.  The flowers are from Wild Orchid, and the faux pearls are from my stash. 

Simple yet effective and I love it as the picture is so gentle.  Just thought...if Sue reads this she might think I chose this image for her because she's so gentle, but's because she's a bit of a donkey!  Lol.  She won't mind me saying that as we've been mates since primary school and that's how we are.  We hadn't seen each other for a few decades until last autumn, but as soon as we met up again we were right in there with the insults, lol. 

Right...on with more crafting and on with the blog!  Sorry for neglecting you but things are getting better.  Lots of changes are coming and things might be higgeldy piggeldy for a few months, but then you'll all be sick of the site of me as I'll be blogging so much!

Big hugs to all of you and thank you for all the good wishes and for bearing with me.



  1. Hi Lexie love the card its great as ususal. I have had a (whoops) large order of flowers from Orchid Crafts after seeing yours and 2 new MS punches so hope I will be able to show you my efforts soon. So glad to see you back
    Carrie xx

    1. Thanks's lovely to be back.

      I had a nice box of flowers delivered from them the other day too. They're so beautiful, aren't they? Good luck with all that. Really looking forward to seeing your designs.

  2. i love the card Lexie xx Pauline

  3. Great card Lexie and lovely to see you back again

    A x

  4. This is so beautiful. love it.

  5. I love all your cards Lexie. Just wish I had a smidgen of your talent

    I know you already have this but I think you deserve much more. You'll find a little award on my blog
    (sorry I don't know where else to post it!

  6. Hi Lexie, lovely to hear that you and your little boy are looking forward to the future.

    Your card as always is just gorgeous. I love your attention to detail and those roses are fabulous.

    Linda xxx

  7. Loving this card as with all your creations, Lexie. It's just delicious!
    Crafty hugs, Sheenagh x

  8. Gorgeous as always Lexie, I love the image and those punched edges are just so fantastic
    Lindsay xx

  9. Lovely card Lexie and even better to see you blogging! Take care and hope you get your shiny new laptop on time (as promised by Dell - that is!)
    Hugs Soop xx